Accredited Graduate Degrees

The OCCI Office of Chaplains has partnered with the SCA University of Theology and Spirituality (UofTS) to be able to offer Chaplain Candidates, in addition to the Old Catholic Church, International’s School of Ministry (Old Catholic Institute), Graduate degrees through UofTS in Chaplaincy, Spiritual Direction, Divinity (including M.Div.), Progressive Christianity, Clinical Pastoral Psychotherapy, and Religious Education.  

“The SCA University of Theology and Spirituality was created to help ministry professionals and volunteers reach their goals of advancing their spiritual training and earning their degrees. We understand that hands-on, life experience in ministry and pastoral work doesn’t just come from text books and lectures. Oftentimes, life is the best teacher. Spiritual leadership grows out of the relationships we form with those we support, where providing comfort and hope is the heart of our jobs.”¹

SCA University of Theology and Spirituality Website – Section “About Us”

In addition to attaining one of the various Graduate Seminary or Chaplaincy Degrees, the University of Theology and Spirituality and the Spiritual Care Association are partners which enables other benefits as well.

“The Spiritual Care Association (SCA) is the first multidisciplinary, international professional membership association for spiritual care providers that establishes evidence-based quality indicators, scope of practice, and a knowledge base for spiritual care. SCA is leading the way to educate, certify, credential and advocate so that more people in need, regardless of religion, beliefs or cultural identification, receive effective spiritual care in all types of institutional and community settings in the U.S. and internationally. SCA is committed to serving its multidisciplinary membership and growing the chaplaincy profession.”²

Spiritual Care Association Website – section “About Us”

Therefore the OCCI Office of Chaplains, not only offers Continuing Education resources, but offers the ability Chaplain Candidates to make choices as to which path for education is best suited for their needs in ministry and chaplaincy.  Plus, being connected directly with Spiritual Care Association, it offers the Chaplain Candidate to pursue after graduation certification as a Credentialed Chaplain (CC), Board Certified Chaplain (BCC), or Advance Practice Board Certified Chaplain (APBCC)” through the Spiritual Care Association through the Division of SCA which meets the the unique needs of the Chaplaincy.  Specialty Divisions of SCA offer unique educational tracks specific to the type of Chaplaincy to which one is called, such as:

The OCCI Office of Chaplains is privileged to offer choices to its Chaplain Candidates, whether through the Old Catholic Church School Of Ministry (Old Catholic Institute – non-accredited degree program), or through the SCA University of Theology and Spirituality through one of its many graduate degree programs from Th.M. to M.Div. to one of its Doctorate programs (including specialized Masters/Doctorate programs specifically for Chaplaincy), in addition to SCA’s BCC program and continuing education classes.  The benefit of a partnership with UofTS and OCCI Office of Chaplains is any courses you complete in the Old Catholic Institute may be transferable³ to UofTS up to 1/3 of your required credits for the UofTS degree program you select.  In addition, depending on your ministry experience, you may get life credit³ as well toward your earned Graduate Degree through UofTS.

Whether your calling is to Palliative Care, Nursing Home Chaplaincy, Hospital Chaplaincy, Military Chaplaincy, Social Work Chaplaincy, Law Enforcement Chaplaincy, EMS Chaplaincy, Fire Chaplaincy or Disaster Chaplaincy, OCCI and its partners through the Old Catholic Institute, SCA University of Theology and Spirituality, and Spiritual Care Association, OCCI Office of Chaplains can help you in whichever specialized Chaplaincy setting to which you are called.

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¹SCA University of Theology and Spirituality Website – Section “About Us”
²Spiritual Care Association Website – section “About Us”
³Subject to review and approval by the Admissions Office of UofTS.  Official Transcript from Old Catholic Institute required.  Documented Ministry Experience required.  Total transferrable and/or life experience may be equivalent of up to 1/3 of the required courses required for your selected degree program.  Contact the UofTS Admissions Office for details and more information