There are many resources for which an OCCI Chaplain or Chaplain Candidate can tap for additional training, education, experience and professional comradeship.  There are Chaplains who serve in may different segments of our society.   In fact many are turning to Chaplains especially in times of crisis as many today do not either have a faith of any kind, or have become lapsed in the faith of their choosing.   That does not stop the need for assistance and guidance when a crises occurs.

Chaplains serve in a variety of environments including (but not limited to):

  • Police Departments
  • Sheriff Departments (Chaplains to those incarcerated in local and county jails, state penitentiaries, federal penitentiaries, etc.)
  • Fire Departments
  • EMS Departments
  • Federal Law Enforcement Agencies (FBI, ATF, DEA, etc.)
  • Federal Agencies not necessarily law enforcement (CIA, NSA, etc.)
  • Trauma Centers
  • Airports
  • State Chaplain Response Teams
  • Critical Incident Teams
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing Homes
  • Hospices and Palliative Care Programs
  • Industry (i.e. Corporate Chaplains, etc.)
  • Military

Each type of Chaplain will have either an internal structure within the organization they serve (such as hospital, military, law enforcement, fire department, trauma center), which may or may not have their education training requirements and may mandate the Chaplain become certified or credentialed through one of many Professional Chaplain Organizations, each focused on a particular type of chaplain.   Visit the “Professional Chaplain Organizations” page on this website to view the variety of organization and for which type of chaplain each supports.